Finishing Fasting

So today marked the end of my 1 month intermittent fasting.

For the past month I have been intermittent fasting. By that I mean I have only been eating at select times.  There are many different ways to do it. I was limiting the time I was allowed to eat each  day to between 1m and 9pm. This helped me to produce more testosterone and growth hormone (GH) to help me gain some muscle and in turn seed up my metabolism and burn more fat.

I did managae to lose some weight doing this but after looking at Herbalife it seems like a much netter option for me.

While the intermittent fasting was good and did help me it was not idea around my lifestyle. For example on days where I worked a 12-9 shift I found realistically I couldn’t train as I was unable to eat after training. I ended up working 4 12-9 shifts in 1 week and so could not train for 4 days of that week. Far from ideal.

So where I believe intermittent fasting has its place, it is not more me. Not at the moment at least.


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