Day 1 of 30 – weight and body fat %

Today was Day 1 of my Herbalife© Journey.

Just to confirm the program I am on (you can find it here) but in a nut shell it involves replacing 2 meals a day, so breakfast and lunch, with a Herbalife© Formula 1 shake along side snacking on fruit and nuts, Herbalife© Formula 2 Multivitamin complex tablets (3 per day 1 after each meal/shake) Herbalife© Fibre and Herb tablets (6 per day 2 after each meal/shake) and Herbalife© Instant Herbal Beverage.

After day one I am still here and feeling good! I was really nervous first thing this morning as when I woke up I was hungry for the first time in weeks! And knowing I wasn’t going to eat anything until early afternoon and that would only be a snack until dinner really worried me. But I had my morning shake and felt instantly better and lasted me eight through until lunch time.

I did snack on quite a lot of fruit today so probably took in more sugar than I would have liked. Today I had an apple, a pear, a banana, a satsuma and a plum so quite high in sugar but hopefully I can avoid this going forward.

For lunch another Herbalife© Formula 1 Shake and for dinner I had chicken, broccoli, sweetcorn in a fresh tomato sauce in a jacket potato.

Today I also weighed myself and took a measurement of my body fat percentage using a Tanita Segmental Body Composition Monitor with Body Fat/Muscle Analyser – BC545.

This came in with my age as 24 and height at 171cm (5″7 and a half) that I weighed 86.6 kg and 23% body fat. Although far from where I want to be I was surprised by my body fat percentage as I was expecting it to be higher. I have put a hight and weight conversion chart at the bottom of this post along with my pictures of how I looked this morning. I will update my progress on Day 10, Day 20 and Day 30.






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