Day 3

Day 3 was a day off work so I decided to go for a bike ride.
As per usual I had my formula 1 shake with my vitamins and fibre tablets to start the day and felt ready to go.
I rode from Bristol to Bath and back on the cycle track. The whole tris was approximately 34.8 miles and took me 3 and a half hours including a break when I reached Bath.
However I did not plan my timing of my shakes well today. On my way back I planned to buy some milk for my second shake at a cafe on the cycle path but by the time I got there it was closed! This meant I had to cycle another 5+ miles before I could get some milk for my shake not to mention I had run out of water!! But my first shake asking with a banana and an apple managed to get me through the whole ride until I got home!
Upon arriving home I had my shake and tablets and after stretching off my body felt refreshed straight away and I think I could have done another ride there and then! I also avoided that full up feeling after eating and had no signs of indigestion.
So far absolutely loving herbalife!!


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