Day 5

Day 5 started early and hungry. I was shattered from spin on day 4 and my cycle on day 3 but I was on an early at work so had to be up. I had my usual formula 1 shake with my tablets and felt much better right away. The boost in energy I got was amazing and really made me feel better for the day.

Another tolling and stressful day at work meant I had my lunch shake quite late at 3pm but I snacked on a pear and a plum to keep me going. The reason I had the shake so late other than work was I just didn’t feel hungry, another plus of the shakes and tablets.

After work I had agreed to go to a friends for a BBQ although I knew I was going to be limited to what I could eat. We got the BBQ going and I had decided to make some burgers. I used 2 packs of extra lean pork mince meat, with 2 eggs and some whole meal bread made in to crumbs to make burgers. I had a whole burger with mixed salad in a whole meal bread roll followed by a half burger with mixed salad on a whole mean bread roll. I also had a banana and a mug of cranberry tea.

All in all a good day and I feel great going to sleep and ready to watch the Lions Vs Australia tomorrow!!


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