Day 6

Day 6 was my day off from work. I woke up this morning and as always had my formula 1 shake and tablets. I then went and picked up a friend to go and watch the Lions play Australia in a pub somewhere. Before I knew it I was satin a a pub around people drinking and eating fried breakfasts making me really want to eat! However I remained strong and snacked on a banana until my lunch time shake!

After the game we went back to my friends house and put the BBQ on. He made some burgers while I had my afternoon shake and snacked on fruit and nuts. This was again very hard as I could smell he hot food around me.

Later that afternoon I arrived home and as I had nothing in particular I became bored. Previously I used to eat when I was bored so countless times I found myself thinking about food. Not to mention my mum was cooking in the kitchen and the whole house smelled o an amazing chicken curry!

Finally dinner time arrived and I could eat! I had chicken trips with some sort of curry paste on them to give added flavour, whole meal rice and some form of vegetable concoction my mum put together in a tomato like sauce. I could see in it tomatoes, sweetcorn, mushrooms, some kind of bean and bits of carrot. All in all pretty nice!

Today has been by far the hardest day of the program simply because I wasn’t distracted from food and had it around me all day. For the first time ever I think I can say I am looking forward to going in to work tomorrow!!

Tomorrow will be day 7 and so the wend of week 1. On day 8 (Monday) I will weigh myself and take my body fat percentage measurements again so I can see and you can see the changes I have made. I will not upload updated photos of myself at the end of week 2 and the end of week 4 when I finish the program so you can really see the differences.


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