Day 7 – end of Week 1

I am now 1 week in to my Herbalife Journey and so fay I have to say I am loving every minute of it. I feel great and I am noticing differences in my appearance every day.

Today I went through my normal routine of formula 1 shake and my tablets but I cycled in to work today. This takes approximately 35 minutes so already meeting my exercise requirements for the program just on the journey in! Not only that but the rugby shirt I wore when I was on the bike now has a lot more room in it than I did before! Previously it was a tight fitted shirt but now, especially around the stomach area, this was not the case.

Today was another stressful day at work with little interest from anyone to join the club. This led me to want food so I snacked on cashew nuts and a banana until I had my afternoon shake and tablets. With renewed energy I remained positive throughout the day and had a snack of an apple and a peach.

After I finished work but before I cycled home I decided to do a very quick work out in the gym. This consisted of burpees, squats with a sand bag, ViPR squat thread and needle, ViPR side lunges, kettlebell squat to shoulder press, kettlebell swings and reverse lunges passing the kettlebell through the legs. This was followed by my cycle home.

For dinner I had a few strips of boiled ham with roast potatoes, broccoli, green beans and carrots.

As I mentioned earlier after 1 week I feel amazing. I would so far recommend this to anyone looking to loose body fat and stay healthy.


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