Day 8

Day 8 and start of week 2. Today started with my now regular routine of formula 1 shake and tablets to get me set up for my day. As per usual I felt awake and full of energy.

I was on a late shit at work today which kind of messed up my plans fer getting weighed as it wasn’t at the same time of day as the last time I weighed myself. However I did way myself and I have lost, in 1 week, a kilo and a half! (I will put the conversion chart in a the bottom again)

That, for me, is a staggering amount of weight. Now I have been doing the diet properly and been quite active this week so I think the gains have been slightly more but to loose that much weight in such a short space of time and to be enjoying it is crazy! If anyone had told me this would happen I would never have believed them until now.

I snacked on an apple and a plum before my lunchtime shake and tablets. This gave me another great energy boost after a slow start at work that was very draining.

After my shake today I snacked on a banana and a pear as well as a protein bar. After speaking with someone they said that the reason I may have been feeling slightly hungry some days is if my protein intake was down. Now I am taking the shakes and having a well balanced dinner but that last few meals have been somewhat lower in protein than the beginning of the week and here I feel lies my problem. Anyway after the protein bar I didn’t feel hungry for the rest of the day even after dinner. I have now ordered some protein bars from Herbalife© to have during the day. Also with the increased training I will now be taking on I will take on more protein.




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