Day 9

Back on an early shift so I woke up at a reasonable time today. Formula 1 shake and tablets done and ready to go.

Today I ordered some Formula 3 protein mix to go in with my shakes as the exercise I am doing I need to take on a few more calories in the form of proteins. I also ordered some Herbalife© protein bars but I am also looking up some recipes so I can make my own! (stay tuned)

Today, lunch was back to a normal kind of lunch-ish time of 2pm and prior to that i snacked on 2 small oranges and an apple. After lunch I was doing a leaflet drop so got to do plenty of walking around in the sun which was nice. In the afternoon I snacked on a banana some cashew nuts and a protein bar. I also forced myself to eat another protein bar despite not being hungry as I didn’t realise I had already eaten 1!! Mini-cheat day? So I had the extra protein bar today which wasn’t the end of the world.

For dinner I had a skinless chicken breast in a lentil sauce with brown whole meal rice and broccoli. A good meal but could have done with a bit more veg! I think I need to go shopping.

Anyway day off tomorrow so that will be a training day and I will incorporate another small meal in to tomorrow after I train to help my recovery for spin class on Thursday and a long cycle on Friday.


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