Day 11

Back to work today and all in all a much better day. As usual I woke up and had my formula 1 shake and my tablets along to the wonderful sound of the neighbours cutting their grass first thing in the morning! Feeling instantly awake I went in to work.

Today was another tough day in the office, although as I thought I was less hungry throughout the day simply due to distractions and not thinking about food. Before my lunch time shake I snacked on a banana, a small orange and a plum.

After lunch things in the office didn’t pick up too much and I was left feeling rather drained and annoyed from work. I snacked on cashew nuts and an apple until I finished at 9pm.

Just before I was about to finish I had a phone call of someone possibly looking to join the club but needed to speak to their husband and he would not be home until 10pm. This left me with an hour to kill so I decided to go and train seeing as I had missed spin class because of swapping shifts and working late. I went upstairs to the gym and decided to freestyle my own spin session with my iPod and just play it by ear. It was VERY tough with lots of climbs and sprints but I managed to go for 45 minutes. I stretched off on the power plates which was a new experience for me but I feel much better for it.

I went back in to the office and had no messages from my potential new member. If I hadn’t had such a good workout I would have been really annoyed. Although it does leave me something to follow up on tomorrow as I am now working a 6 day week and not going for a long cycle tomorrow!

I got home and for dinner I had extra lean mince and baked means (one of my dad’s concoctions) with new potatoes, broccoli and a chicken breast. It was quite a few calories but a lot of good quality protein I needed after the gym. I think it is safe to say I will sleep well tonight!


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