Day 12

Day 12 today was meant to be my day off but I ended up working an extra long day as it is getting close to the end of the month and there are sales targets to be hit.

The day started as usual with a now chocolate flavoured (and much nicer in my opinion) shake with tablets.

I got in to work and we were buzzing from the word ‘Go’. We needed a big day so the boss was determined to keep us feeling good throughout the day. How was this done? By providing us with sweets and sugary goodness to motivate us, none of which I had. Instead for the morning I snacked on an apple a small orange and some cashew nuts.

In the early afternoon to break up the day we went in to the ‘Street Zone’ or the hall the kids play in to play some football. It was good to get out of the office and have a run around and we played for about 30 minutes so I got some exercise in today I  wasn’t planning on which was good as I haven’t been very good on the exercise front this week.

After playing football I had my afternoon shake and tablets and cracked on with some work. While working I snacked on 2 protein bars, a banana and another small orange. I also drank lots of ice water.

After I finished work I went to see a lady about buying a road bike from her that her son was selling as he doesn’t use it. I have been told even attempting this 100 mile cycle on a mountain bike is a bad idea so I am seriously contemplating buying a road bike. The problem is I don’t really know much about bikes so will have to seek out some advice to make sure I am getting something worth it!

For dinner I had a skinless chicken breast, a jacket potato, sweetcorn, mushrooms and broccoli along with my tablets.

Today as a whole I haven’t felt hungry which is good as I have been encountering that over the last few days. Hopefully it can remain like this. I am also visually noticing a difference in my appearance as I am slimming down. The places where I have muscles from previous gym work I am becoming more defined and my stomach is slowly but surely disappearing! Today I also decided that once I have done my 100 mile cycle I am going to start working harder to my goal of reducing my overall body fat % to 12% or below. This in tern will assist with my other goals of running that half marathon and being able to perform pull-ups and dips with good form for good sets.


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