Day 13

Day 13 I woke up tired having been up late on the internet the last night. As usual I started with a formula 1 shake and tablets and felt much more awake although not awake enough to cycle in to work. Today was the penultimate day of the month and the pressure was on. We needed a big day and it didn’t get off to the best start with 2 appointments not showing up. This led to me eating an orange and an apple very early followed by a peach a bit later.

I had my lunch time shake slightly later as I got caught up doing work so didn’t think about food or lunch. Again I had my shake and tablets and felt calmer and full. the afternoon snacks consisted of some cashew nuts, a banana and a protein bar. I followed the afternoon up with a 45 minute spin session again from my iPod so ended up being pretty random.

For dinner I had diced turkey in a curry sauce with mushrooms, green beans, onions, spring onions and aubergine. This was accompanied with some brown rice. I followed this up with some strawberries and some melon.

Today was another easy day in terms of my hunger apart from the very start of the day. This just shows that on 1 good meal a day and snacks anyone can do this program. On Monday I will be ordering some formula 3 protein powder and will be putting a small scoop with each shake to increase my protein intake.


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