Day 14 – end of week 2

Today was the last day of week 2 so after today I will be half way through the weight loss program.

Today was a big day at work as it was the last day of the month so a 12 hour shift was on the cards! To get me started I had my formula 1 shake and my tablets and was full of energy and ready to go!

The last day of the month is always a good day as everyone is so up for it and buzzing it brings such a good atmosphere in to the office. To keep this up throughout the day there are usually sugary snacks to hand and today was no different. There were 2 cakes, an assortment of sweets and some biscuits all in the office. Of course I couldn’t eat any of there! However I did have 1 biscuit, only 1!

So while everone else pigged out on cake and sweets i stuck to an apple and a small orange.

The club was busy today so plenty of things to distract me so I didn’t have my lunch time shake until much later which was good as I didn’t finish until late so would be a while before I ate again.

For the remainder of the day I snacked on a banana, 2 protein bars, some cashew nuts and a plum. This was over the course of approximately 5 hours!

After a really good day at work to celebrate the good job we had done on the final day we celebrated with a glass of champagne. I even had a small glass.

For dinner I had roast lamb with broccoli, sweetcorn and new potatoes. I followed this up with some strawberries and Greek yoghurt.

Tomorrow I will weigh myself again and take pictures to view my progress.


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