Day 15

Today started as standard, formula 1 shake and tablets. Today was also weigh and photo day!

I got in to work and weighed myself today. I weighed in at 84 KG so I have lost 1.1 kilos since this time last week and a total of 2.6 kilos since I started. I am really happy that I am continuing to loose weight although I need to pick up my training this week as I am starting to loose muscle so need to do some resistance training along side my bike rides.

Today was back to a regular 9 hour shift and it was nice to calm down a bit after a busy and buzzing few days. Between my breakfast and lunch shake I snacked on a peach, an apple and a banana. After my lunch time shake I had some cashew nuts and some strawberries. Today was quiet in work in comparison to the last few days, but the beginning of the month always is. However there was a little rush between 7 and 9 when I went home so I didn’t have the additional protein bar I would usually have had.

For dinner I had some skinless diced turkey with sweetcorn, carrots, red peppers, courgette and new potatoes with a little bit of gravy. This strangely really filled me up but it was quite a small serving for what I might usually have. I think my body may be getting used to not needing as much food as it becomes smaller!

2 weeksOn the left is day 1 and on the right is day 15.




One thought on “Day 15

  1. Hi Greg I have enjoyed reading your blog! I hope I can get mine somewhere near yours! I should ave my order arrive tomorrow/Thursday. Well done and keep up the great work your doing on all levels 🙂

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