Day 16

Day 16 was a day off. A day off from work that is! Although not a day off as a Herbalife distributor. I was up early this morning to go and see a friend and talk to her about Herbalife and share my success so far with the products.

As per usual I  started the day with my formula 1 shake and my tablets and got in the car and went to my friends house. After getting stuck in traffic I eventually got there and we got talking about the products etc and she was amazed by my progress. I explained the program and how easy it was and she was happy and purchased the shakes. She didn’t take the tablets as she struggles to take them.

On my way home I snacked on some nuts I had in the car followed by a pear when I got home. I then ordered the shakes for my friend along with some protein bars for myself and finally the additional protein powder I have been telling myself for days I will get!

I also found a pill grinder/crusher that crushes the pills in to a powder so for those who can’t take pills like my friend this is ideal!

I was meant to be going on a bike ride with a friend at this point but he didn’t want to go as it was raining and I lost my motivation to go. Not good!

Between lunch and dinner I snacked on a banana, some cashew nuts and a peach.

Dinner consisted of a chicken omelette with peppers and mushrooms in it with new potatoes and broccoli. I also had some strawberry after.

Going to bed now feeling great once again 🙂


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