Day 17

Day 17 has been a long day. Today was ‘Pay Day Poker’ whereby a few of the lads from work get together and play poker. Not for big money but enough to take it seriously. This meant a late night was ahead so I had to plan my eating around it not to get hungry late in to the night.

As usual my say started with my formula 1 shake and my tablets and off to work I went.

I delayed my lunch time shake for as long as I could so I could eat later to last me through the night. I snacked on a banana, a peach and some cashew nuts.

Before I has dinner I had eaten a peach, a pear and a plum as well as finishing off the few remaining cashew nuts. Dinner consisted of a chicken breast with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and sweetcorn followed by a protein bar for desert. This was followed by some pay day poker!

I came second on a few lucky breaks so I won my buy in back but the late night has left me feeling hungry before bed, something I have not felt for some time. Hopefully this won’t impact on tomorrow.


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