Day 18

Day 18 was hard. I woke up simply exhausted from the previous night and I hoped this would not impact my eating throughout the day as usually when I’m tired I like to eat.

As tired as I was, and I really was, my formula 1 shake did waken me up and made me feel a lot better. I also had a Herbalife herbal beverage just to get some caffeine in to my body for an energy boost.This in addition to the tablets was a good start to the day.

Once I got in to work I headed out almost straight away on some outreach activity and so spent quite a bit of time being up and mobile which was good as it kept me awake! Upon coming back to a warm office I started to feel sleepy so I snacked on an orange, an apple and some cashew nuts before my lunch time shake.

After lunch was a slow afternoon right up until a final hour rush. Being slow and tired I was struggling to stay focused so I had a protein bar, a banana and some strawberries to keep me going.

Once I got home my latest Herbalife order had arrived with some protein bars and addition protein powder to go in my shakes.

My dinner consisted of brown rice, chicken, red pepper, broccoli, carrots and some black beans so a really tasty meal.

I also found out the new road bike I ordered will now be arriving Monday instead of tomorrow. Safe to say I am not best pleased about that!


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