Day 20

Day 20 started and I was exhausted from the night before. I started the day as usual with my formula 1 with added protein and tablets.

Instead of going straight to work today I went to a 5 kilometre Park Run. It is in a local park and is there to help promote physical activity. It turned up still tired from the night before although feeling better after my shake.

I was surprised at the people there as it was nearly full of people who looked like experienced and regular runners. Not something I expected at a run aimed at just getting people active. It was almost quite intimidating being there.

I completed the run in 28 minutes although one of my hip flexors became very tight on the final lap and led to me running with a slight limp and effecting my gutes.

After the run I snacked on a banana and some cashew nuts before my lunchtime shake and a Herbalife protein bar and an apple.

For dinner I cooked myself a chicken breast in orange juice, some whole meal rice, sweetcorn, green beans, ham and red pepper.


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