The Final Week

Sorry I haven’t blogged this week. Things have been pretty hectic at work, my internet has been playing up and I didn’t fancy writing a full blog post from my phone!

Anyway what I will do is break down this post day by day with what I had for dinner, what I snacked on and what training I did.

Each breakfast and lunch was a regular Formula 1 shake plus the multi vitamins and herb and fibre tablets.

At the start of this week I was down to 82.3 kilos from 84 kilos the week before.

Days 22 – 28

Monday – day 22

Snacks – apple, banana, protein bar, cashew nuts, carrot sticks.

Dinner – turkey, peas, green beans, whole meal rice, broccoli, spring onion.

Training – rest

Tuesday – day 23

Snacks – banana, pear, peach, 2 small oranges, protein bar, cashew nuts

Dinner – chicken, rocket, corn on the cob, peas, new potatoes, carrots.

Training – rest

Wednesday – day 24

Snacks – apple, pear, cashew nuts, protein bar, 2 small oranges

Dinner – turkey, new potatoes, broccoli, green beans,.

Training – 10 mile cycle + arms weight training and bench press

Thursday – day 25

Snacks – banana, pear, peach, protein bar, cashew nuts, carrot sticks, apple.

Dinner – turkey, broccoli, sweet corn, peas, whole meal rice, carrots, green beans.

Training – 2 x 40 minute spin classes back to back

Friday – day 26

Snacks – carrot sticks, banana, peach, 2 plums, apple, protein bar, cashew nuts.

Dinner – chicken breast, ham, whole meal pasta, carrots, sweet corn, green beans, broccoli.

Training – body weight high intensity interval training for 20 minutes

Saturday – day 27

Snacks – 2 small oranges, apple, protein bar, banana, peach, cashew nuts.

Dinner – chicken, broccoli, new potatoes, chicken gravy.

Training – rest

Sunday – day 28

Snacks – banana, protein bar, apple, peach, cashew nuts, pear.

Dinner – chicken, small jacket potato, broccoli, green beans, carrots, peas.

Training – 40 minute spin class.

The day after

Today I weighed myself for the final time. I weighed in at 81.5 kilos. This is a total drop of 5.1 kilos in 4 weeks. My body fat percentage was down to 21% from 23% so I also lost 2% body fat.

The reason I lost 2% of body fat despite losing a lot of weight is simply because I was losing muscle.  It turns out under my fast there was quite a bit of lean muscle and as I relaxed my weight training I gradually lost that.

Over the coming weeks leading up to the 100 mile cycle I have on the 4th I will be doing 3 days a week of weight training so will be putting some weight and muscle back on. However I am now much more comfortable putting weight on in the form of muscle as I have lost a lot around the stomach area I won’t look like I’m getting fatter I will just become more lean.

I have put 5 images under the weight conversion chart. Me how I look now side on and front, me vs myself 2 weeks ago, me vs myself 4 weeks ago and all 3 weight photos


2013-07-15 10.59.02

2013-07-15 10.58.532013-07-15 11.01.022013-07-15 11.03.092013-07-15 11.03.51


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