About This Blog

So now you know about me but what is this Blog really about?

Well mentally I am in a much better place than I was even 2 months ago. I have moved back in with my parents, working in the industry I love, earning money again, training better and eating better. But it is not enough.

After spending some time conducting research (as I said, nutrition is an interest of mine) and seeing it in work I found Herbalife©.

I contacted a Herbalife© Independent Distributor and asked about joining her team. I have now joined the Herbalife© team and I will be using their products to aid my training and weight management. After spending time talking with someone from Herbalife© and my own research and reading I am confident about the product and believe in it.

However talking about it and reading it is one thing but living it is the real deal! So I will be using Herbalife© products myself and documenting my progress as I go. Hence this Blog. I will keep an up to date journal of my training and how I am progressing so you can see exactly how good the products are for yourself.

Any questions please refer to the ‘Contact Me’ page.


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