The Final Week

Sorry I haven’t blogged this week. Things have been pretty hectic at work, my internet has been playing up and I didn’t fancy writing a full blog post from my phone!

Anyway what I will do is break down this post day by day with what I had for dinner, what I snacked on and what training I did.

Each breakfast and lunch was a regular Formula 1 shake plus the multi vitamins and herb and fibre tablets.

At the start of this week I was down to 82.3 kilos from 84 kilos the week before.

Days 22 – 28

Monday – day 22

Snacks – apple, banana, protein bar, cashew nuts, carrot sticks.

Dinner – turkey, peas, green beans, whole meal rice, broccoli, spring onion.

Training – rest

Tuesday – day 23

Snacks – banana, pear, peach, 2 small oranges, protein bar, cashew nuts

Dinner – chicken, rocket, corn on the cob, peas, new potatoes, carrots.

Training – rest

Wednesday – day 24

Snacks – apple, pear, cashew nuts, protein bar, 2 small oranges

Dinner – turkey, new potatoes, broccoli, green beans,.

Training – 10 mile cycle + arms weight training and bench press

Thursday – day 25

Snacks – banana, pear, peach, protein bar, cashew nuts, carrot sticks, apple.

Dinner – turkey, broccoli, sweet corn, peas, whole meal rice, carrots, green beans.

Training – 2 x 40 minute spin classes back to back

Friday – day 26

Snacks – carrot sticks, banana, peach, 2 plums, apple, protein bar, cashew nuts.

Dinner – chicken breast, ham, whole meal pasta, carrots, sweet corn, green beans, broccoli.

Training – body weight high intensity interval training for 20 minutes

Saturday – day 27

Snacks – 2 small oranges, apple, protein bar, banana, peach, cashew nuts.

Dinner – chicken, broccoli, new potatoes, chicken gravy.

Training – rest

Sunday – day 28

Snacks – banana, protein bar, apple, peach, cashew nuts, pear.

Dinner – chicken, small jacket potato, broccoli, green beans, carrots, peas.

Training – 40 minute spin class.

The day after

Today I weighed myself for the final time. I weighed in at 81.5 kilos. This is a total drop of 5.1 kilos in 4 weeks. My body fat percentage was down to 21% from 23% so I also lost 2% body fat.

The reason I lost 2% of body fat despite losing a lot of weight is simply because I was losing muscle.  It turns out under my fast there was quite a bit of lean muscle and as I relaxed my weight training I gradually lost that.

Over the coming weeks leading up to the 100 mile cycle I have on the 4th I will be doing 3 days a week of weight training so will be putting some weight and muscle back on. However I am now much more comfortable putting weight on in the form of muscle as I have lost a lot around the stomach area I won’t look like I’m getting fatter I will just become more lean.

I have put 5 images under the weight conversion chart. Me how I look now side on and front, me vs myself 2 weeks ago, me vs myself 4 weeks ago and all 3 weight photos


2013-07-15 10.59.02

2013-07-15 10.58.532013-07-15 11.01.022013-07-15 11.03.092013-07-15 11.03.51


Internet failing

My Internet failed again last night. However I think it might be my laptop as my dad was on the main of last night and it was working fine.

I will triple blog tonight and update you on the past few days along with my new weight as of Monday morning.

Sorry again

Day 20

Day 20 started and I was exhausted from the night before. I started the day as usual with my formula 1 with added protein and tablets.

Instead of going straight to work today I went to a 5 kilometre Park Run. It is in a local park and is there to help promote physical activity. It turned up still tired from the night before although feeling better after my shake.

I was surprised at the people there as it was nearly full of people who looked like experienced and regular runners. Not something I expected at a run aimed at just getting people active. It was almost quite intimidating being there.

I completed the run in 28 minutes although one of my hip flexors became very tight on the final lap and led to me running with a slight limp and effecting my gutes.

After the run I snacked on a banana and some cashew nuts before my lunchtime shake and a Herbalife protein bar and an apple.

For dinner I cooked myself a chicken breast in orange juice, some whole meal rice, sweetcorn, green beans, ham and red pepper.

Day 19 – real

Day 19 was the day of the staff night out after work. It started as usual with a formula 1 shake, now with added Herbalife protein, and tablets and then off to work.

I knew I was going to be up late that night so I tried to space out my shakes/meals as much as I could.

Throughout the day I snacked on a pear, an orange, an apple and a banana, along with some cashew nuts and a Herbalife protein bar.

For dinner I had a mix of diced chicken and turkey, new potatoes, broccoli and sweetcorn.

The night was a at a comedy club in town. There were drinks and food neither of which I was having but I enjoyed a night of comedy with all the guys from work.I was going strong until about 1am when I decided to go home.

Internet down – day 19

Sorry guys my Internet has gone down and I don’t fancy writing a full blog from my phone. Will do day 19 and 20 tomorrow!!

Day 18

Day 18 was hard. I woke up simply exhausted from the previous night and I hoped this would not impact my eating throughout the day as usually when I’m tired I like to eat.

As tired as I was, and I really was, my formula 1 shake did waken me up and made me feel a lot better. I also had a Herbalife herbal beverage just to get some caffeine in to my body for an energy boost.This in addition to the tablets was a good start to the day.

Once I got in to work I headed out almost straight away on some outreach activity and so spent quite a bit of time being up and mobile which was good as it kept me awake! Upon coming back to a warm office I started to feel sleepy so I snacked on an orange, an apple and some cashew nuts before my lunch time shake.

After lunch was a slow afternoon right up until a final hour rush. Being slow and tired I was struggling to stay focused so I had a protein bar, a banana and some strawberries to keep me going.

Once I got home my latest Herbalife order had arrived with some protein bars and addition protein powder to go in my shakes.

My dinner consisted of brown rice, chicken, red pepper, broccoli, carrots and some black beans so a really tasty meal.

I also found out the new road bike I ordered will now be arriving Monday instead of tomorrow. Safe to say I am not best pleased about that!